I live in the Phenix City School district, and I’m required to go to Phenix City schools. After 2 weeks of riding the school bus, they told me my kids are not eligible and are refusing transportation for my kids. In the site they use for eligibility, it clearly states that I’m eligible and gives me the times and bus number my kids are to ride.

These buses pass my house 4 times a day and stop in front of my house to pick up and drop off other kids that go to the same school as my kids. There are cars that drive to this bus stop and put their children on these school buses. I would understand if buses didn’t service my area, but they do. And now they are saying my dwelling is out of city limits.

Dr. Sheldon the Interim at the Phenix City Board of Education has the authority to approve this but once again I was denied, His comment was if I approved you, I would have to approve all children that’s in need of transportation.

Absolutely! Yes, you should! I have 3 kids going to 3 different schools and I need this service, isn’t that what school buses are for, to help parents that can’t get all their children to school. We live in a country where both parents must work, and our children needs an education and transportation. The Fire Department will service me, the Phenix City Police will service me, but the Phenix City School buses won’t. Why!!!?

Cheryl Huckaby

Phenix City, Ala.

(edited for brevity)