This is the week to look back over 2022. Next week, the circus begins again. And it will be a three-ring circus as the House attempts to shed some light on issues other than January 6. But here are a few events that make 2022 one of the most embarrassing years ever.

First on my list is the renaming of Dr. Ben Carson High School in Detroit. A school board in Detroit voted to remove Dr. Carson’s name from the high school he attended. Was he a segregationist? A Civil War General? A slave owner? Nope, none of the above. His sin? He was the HUD Secretary under President Trump. But before he went into government service, he attended public school in inner-city Detroit. He then went on to Yale followed by Johns Hopkins, eventually becoming one of, if not the most prominent pediatric neuro-surgeon in America. But he was a Trump Republican. Which makes you wonder if the school board member’s child needed brain surgery, would he only allow a Democrat to do it?

Second is the Border. It is beyond astounding that the Administration is allowed to lie (the socially acceptable word for the year is ‘gaslighting’) day after day asserting that the border is under control. It will take 10 years or so, but the demographic impact will indeed be felt. Illegal immigration depresses employment and wages in the manual labor sector. Which is why Cesar Chavez was completely opposed to illegal entry and used physical violence to stop people from crossing.

It is being released in bits and pieces, but third is the deeply concerning FBI relationship with Social Media. Yes they have an obligation to alert providers about sedition or foreign influence, but they had the Hunter Biden laptop for almost a year and knew it was not a Russian plant. But as with the Steele Dossier, it is a fait d’accompli. Thus we live with the consequences – four years of impeachment and two years of inflation.

Finally – what is a Woman? Helen Reddy had a number one hit in 1972 about this. “I am woman, hear me roar; In numbers too big to ignore.” But last year, a Supreme Court Justice admitted under oath she could not define what a woman is. And a couple of dictionaries changed the definition to be an adult who lives and identifies as female, even if born male. Really?

2022 - - uncontrolled migration, homeless, drug and mental health crises and no baby formula. But, hey, you can use whatever restroom suits your fancy.

Michael Fox

Phenix City, Ala.