I would like to comment on the article in last week’s paper “The Cost of Permitless Carry.” Some of the article I agreed with and some I did not; however, I do agree with the loss of revenue. Sheriff Taylor had shared that the Russell County Sheriff’s department uses the revenue from permits for training, for vehicles and other purchases used to help Russell County deputies do their job.

I have purchased Concealed Carry/Pistol Permits for five years and do not feel it interferes with my second amendment rights. I would just like to encourage all Russell County and Alabamians who have purchased a C.C./P permit, to continue to do so. Before the new “permitless carry rule” went into effect January 1, we purchased them because it was the law and we are responsible law-abiding gun owners of Alabama. Now we have the opportunity to continue being responsible law-abiding gun owners and citizens of Alabama who support those who protect us.

In the days and months ahead, it would not surprise me if the cost of a permit goes up. I have decided to continue to keep purchasing them. I believe it’s the responsible thing to do.

Kenny Roberson

Russell County, Ala.