The UPS person dropped off a package Saturday at my front door. I did not hear the person nor did my dogs or I would have picked up the package and brought it inside earlier than when my wife found it outside in the heat. No, nothing ruined.

While I may have brought the package inside earlier, I would not have opened the box. It was addressed to my wife and it was from Amazon. Usually any package from Amazon means my wife has ordered another Christmas gift. Even though I knew that was not the case this time, I still would not have opened the box without her permission. I understand the limits of my authority on such things.

The package sat on the counter in the kitchen most of the afternoon until she told me to open the box. Inside was a book – one you would probably not purchase. Right away I wanted to start reading it before the new wore off, but my wife purchased the book for her to read. So, I handed the book to her and she sat the book on the bed in our bedroom. She was in no hurry to begin reading the book, so I asked if I could start reading it before she began. She said okay. Immediately, I began to flip pages.

The title of the book is Just Tyrus a memoir.

You are probably thinking, “Oh, it is about that wrestler.” Well, yeah, it is. But Tyrus is much more than a “wrestler.” He is both a survivor and a success in life. He is a proud, loving father and a protector. He is an entertainer and a political commentor. He was once Brodus Clay and The Funkasaurus. Now, he is Tyrus. To be truthful, the man is really named George Murdoch – the product of a 1970s mixed marriage that was illegal when his father, a Black male, married his mother, a White female.

As I read the book over the weekend, I found myself harkening back to my childhood, teen years and my years of early adulthood. I ran the gambit from anger to elation while reading his life story – at least the parts he shared. He admitted to withholding some information and expressed his distaste for people who share every moment of their lives on Facebook and other social platforms. I have to agree. No one wants to know every move you make.

The book includes his life as a professional wrestler, but this book is not about wrestling unless you consider wrestling with your conscience as wrestling.

I think if you will just read the inside flap of the book’s dust cover that you will be hooked like I was and will begin reading the words Tyrus shares. The inside flap reads as follows:

“Pro wrestler and political commentator Tyrus goes deep into his wild but triumphant life story, from his painfully dysfunctional upbringing to bodyguarding for Snoop Dogg, to becoming a wrestling icon and one of the most provocative on-air voices today.

“The product of a 1970s mixed marriage. George Murdoch learned to fight early in life, fending off both race-baiting bullies and demons of a dysfunctional home. Couch surfing all through high school and most of college, the quick-witted, sharp-tongued giant played football, ran drugs, and bounced at clubs to try to survive. After a false start with the WWE, he eventually became Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard and traveled the world with the hip hop legend, biding his time and honing his rap. When the WWE urged him to return, George became “Brodus Clay” and, for the next several years, reinvented himself numerous times under the watchful mentorship of the legendary Dusty Rhodes, “The American Dream.” He was eventually christened “Tyrus,” and shortly after, a chance social media encounter with Greg Gutfeld at Fox News resulted in Tyrus finding a new skill, sage social commentator. Ferociously funny, blunt, and tenacious, Just Tyrus traces his unlikely and spectacular rise. As always with Tyrus, it’s in-your-face and offers no apologies.”

On the inside back flap, you will find a short bio about the author and it says:

“A 6’8”, 350-pound behemoth, Tyrus is an affable, hardworking entertainer with a sly sense of humor. Following his initial calling to football, he became a bouncer at numerous establishments in Los Angeles where he caught the attention of Snoop Dogg and became his bodyguard. That drew the attention of the WWE, where he went on to enjoy success as “Brodus Clay,” and later, “The Funkasaurus,” which led to his starring in Mattel commercials and appearing in WWE video games. Along with working as an actor in film and television, he is a frequent featured guest on Fox News and The Greg Gutfeld Show.”

On the back cover are a pair of personal reviews of the book. One is by Dana Perino, the former White House Press Secretary to George Bush and Fox News anchor and host, and by Snoop Dogg.

The Perino review says, “I loved Just Tyrus. I read it in one day and cheered for him when I got to the end. Tyrus has written a book that is at once raw, tender, intelligent, candid, and hilarious. Tyrus took a very rough start to his life and used perseverance, confident humility, and accountability to land firmly on his feet. What a triumph!”

The one from Snoop Dogg says, “George aka Tyrus aka the realest most blunt human being on the face of planet earth. Never had a problem telling you what was on his mind or how he felt, good or bad. Tough exterior but a heart of gold. Front liner, great friend, and excellent coach to my youth football team. His work ethic is obvious, taking him from football to bodyguard to wrestler to a superb personality on Fox News. I’ve seen him climb the ladder of success, and I’m happy that I was along for the journey.”

I hope I have piqued your interest enough that you will find the book someplace and read it like I did – hanging on his every word.

Mark Clark is a local sports writer for The Citizen of East Alabama.