As the parent of a four-year-old, I join so many of you in being relieved and reassured since the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for all children six months of age and older.

The wait is over.

The two vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer have the recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Vaccines will be available in pediatrician offices within the next few days.

In the meantime, I hope the parents are getting excited because we will now be able to protect our infants and younger kids with a vaccine, and we can ease the stress that COVID-19 has taken on us–trying to follow ever-changing recommendations and to make the best decisions on behalf of our kids. Parents are fatigued with making and remaking plans around sick or exposed contacts, daycare or school outbreaks and closures, and family gatherings and vacations.

Parents have also dealt with the worry of when their child got sick, the worry about whether the child could have COVID, could their child be the one who ends up in the hospital, where and when to get them tested, how long to isolate, and how to take time off from work.

Why do kids need the vaccine against COVID-19?

More than 13 million children under the age of 18 years have tested positive, not counting those who took a home test or never got tested.

Nearly 5.7 million children have tested positive in 2022 alone. This tells us that COVID-19 is not yet a disease of the past.

More than 480 children under five years of age have died from COVID-19 infection.

Unfortunately, many children end up getting very sick from COVID-19, including getting admitted to the hospital or developing Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C). Over 8,000 children have developed MIS-C and 68 have died from it. Another dreaded complication is ‘long COVID,’ which is a lengthy and difficult condition.

Eighteen million children in the United States are now eligible to get the COVID vaccine.

The vaccines for our little people are comprised of much smaller doses than the adult vaccines.

Approval has been given to two mRNA vaccines at this time. Both of the vaccines are safe and effective. Side effects have been like those noted with other vaccines and include pain and redness at the site of the injection and tiredness, headache, chills, muscle pain, fever and nausea.

The vaccine will be widely available. Please check for availability at your pediatrician’s office and also at the health department and some local pharmacies.

Preferred Medical Group provides the COVID-19 vaccine for all ages at each of our four locations and in our mobile van. The mobile van has visited all the schools in the Russell County and Phenix City school systems and several community events. We will be adding visits to the Pre-K and Headstart schools now.

We are happy to send the mobile van to community gatherings at your Church, housing subdivision, family reunion, or any other gathering. Our Mobile Van provides vaccination for ‘friends and family’ and is not restricted to providing vaccination for the children alone.

To schedule your vaccine at any of our offices, or to have the mobile van come to you, please email us at