Fort Benning, the storied military post steeped in history and tradition, underwent a momentous transformation last week. In a ceremony held on May 11 at Doughboy Stadium, the post was officially renamed Fort Moore, paying homage to the late Lt. Gen. Harold “Hal” Moore, a military hero known for his exceptional service and leadership, and his wife Julia Moore.

Ceremony participants included Maj. Gen. Curtis Buzzard, Maneuver Center of Excellence commanding general; re-tired Col. Tony Nadal, Vietnam Veteran and friend of Hal Moore; and retired Col. David Moore, son of Lt. Gen. Hal and Julia Moore.

“Together, Hal and Julie Moore embody the very best of our military and the very best of our nation,” Maj. Gen. Curtis Buzzard, Fort Moore’s commander. “By honoring them, Fort Moore recognizes the sacrifices of all veterans, especially highlighting those from Vietnam. It also reinforces the important role Army spouses and families play in the success of our military.”

The renaming ceremony, held in the stadium, was a solemn and poignant event. Distinguished guests, military personnel, and members of the community gathered to witness this historic moment. The ceremony featured speeches that reflected on Lt. Gen. Moore’s legacy and the significance of the post’s renaming.

“Our family is deeply grateful that our parents will be honored, remembered and held as role models for the generations of Army soldiers in these stands and to come. They loved each other. They loved us. They loved the Army and their beloved troopers, so much so that my father’s last wish was to be buried among his troopers here at the post cemetery -- the same troopers, my mother referred to as their sons and brothers and with whom she is buried as well,” said their son, retired Col. David Moore.

The renaming of Fort Bening to Fort Moore holds profound significance, not only for the military community but also for the surrounding region. It serves as a reminder of the area’s rich military heritage and the sacrifices made by its sons and daughters in service to their country.

As the newly renamed Fort Moore moves forward, its mission remains steadfast, Maj. Gen. Curtis Buzzard said.

Last week, the U.S. Army base formerly known as Fort Hood in central Texas was changed to Fort Cavazos, and Fort Lee was renamed Fort Gregg-Adams in April, among other changes.