Smiths Station Fire and Rescue needs volunteers

Smiths Station Fire and Rescue is the fire department responsible for the Smiths Station area. This includes six stations, 75 square miles, around 30,000 citizens, and 4,000 calls to the 911 center annually. But now, the fire department has fallen into hard times. In February of 2022, emergency vehicles were suspended due to funding and personnel shortages. The personnel shortages are tied to the funding because they do not have the money to pay competitively for paramedics.

Smiths Station Fire and Rescue is hoping to tackle those issues and have emergency vehicles available again by the first quarter of 2023.

In the meantime, they are looking for volunteers. They have around 15 volunteers currently, but ideally, they would like to have at least 45 volunteers.

“I think for everyone who is volunteering to do a job like this, it’s a desire to help the community and serve others,” said Daniel Sexton, Deputy Chief and Public Information Officer of Smiths Station Fire and Rescue.

Alongside the desire to serve the community, other qualities are required.

“Physical fitness would be a big deal because of the weight of the equipment and the hot weather,” Sexton continues.

But in his opinion, the willingness to serve the community is most important because if a volunteer does not have that desire, they would not be willing to spend as much of their time volunteering.

This opinion is also held by Assistant Chief Dwight Christopher, one of the current volunteers for Smiths Station Fire and Rescue. Christopher has been volunteering since 2016. His regular duties include going to a lot of medical calls and performing administration work.

“There’s a lot of good people out there, and I like helping out the community,” said Christopher.

To look into volunteering for Smiths Station Fire and Rescue, check out their website at Additionally, contact Assistant Chief Knox at