Getting to know the new Miss Phenix City’s Outstanding Teen

Photos|Denise DuBois

Allie Grace Broadhead was named Miss Phenix City’s Outstanding Teen 2023 Sunday night at Central High School’s auditorium. She is pictured above during the crowning.


Allie Grace Broadhead, 14,attends Homewood High School. She is the daughter of Brandon and Amber Broadhead. She is the oldest of three. She has two younger sisters whom she loves dearly. Their names are Mary Catherine Broadhead and Jillianne Broadhead.

Q: How many times have you competed in Miss pageants and what do you love about them?

A: Last year, I competed as an At-Large Contestant in Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen Pageant. I have competed in nine preliminary pageants this year. The Miss America Organization is one like no other. From the moment I started competing, I instantly started creating life-long friendships. The girls I have had the honor to compete with are the most genuine individuals one could meet. We are a family.

Talk about your platform and why it’s important to you.

A: My Social Impact Initiative is “Keeping Kindness.” Keeping Kindness’s goal is to help raise mental health awareness among others struggling. “Keeping Kindness” is something I truly believe can change someone’s life. I created my Social Impact Initiative when I was nine years old. I raised over $300 on a homemade lemonade stand. The money raised went to one of my teacher’s parents who lost their home in a house fire. Being kind is the single most loving act one can show. Since then, I have created “Keeping Kindness,” as a way to encourage others and push myself to make a change in the world.

Q: What has competition in pageants done for you and why would you encourage younger ladies to compete?

A: Competing in pageants has helped me grow as an individual. I now have more confidence and can set small attainable goals. My ultimate goal is to be a successful, well-rounded, and goal-oriented young lady. I believe the Miss American Organization empowers young ladies as we are seen and are able to use our voices. Having a title shows the world you are more than just a pretty face. It gives us a chance to highlight our character and help the community we serve.

Q: What do you hope for the future?

A: I hope to serve the Phenix City community to the best of my ability by fulfilling my role as your Miss Phenix City’s Outstanding Teen. I aspire to do this by using my Social Impact Initiative, “Keeping Kindness.” I desire to work with community stakeholders to help others understand the message of “Keeping Kindness.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about you or the pageant system?

A: After competing last year, I knew that the Miss Alabama and Miss American organizations had a piece of my heart. I have dreamt about being a title holder and want to encourage anyone out there who has created a goal for themselves. You were made to make impossible things possible for you. Believe in yourself and trust in God’s perfect plan.