The water’s edge

Allow your heart to smile today. Let peace and tranquility renew your spirit. Stand in the sunlight and immerse yourself in its energy. Surrender to the magnetic pull which draws upon your senses. Listen to the voice which guides you steadfast towards your appointed destination. Approach each step with gratitude and unbridled enthusiasm. Drink from the well that quenches your thirst and sail upon the winds propelled by your inner voice. Follow your compass.

Clouds of grey parted. Winter winds were exchanged for luminous skies of pale cerulean laced in lavender; from which poured light likened to warm streams of honey. Upon the wings of the wind I sailed towards a Mediterranean shoreline. Guided by my inner voice, I was carried to a destination of inner peace and tranquility. Here the earth met the sky under a fluid horizon line. My feet brushed powder sands as the light danced upon the sapphire tide. Palms praised the heavens, and in the breeze they reclined. 

The salt washed my spirit clean and rekindled my vision and love of life. My soul meditated there and in nature found youthful delight. In serenity I walked as I walk still. I carry with me the winds, water, air and unrelenting exuberance of light. To this well I return, time and again; and there I find the things that never left. In the reflecting pool, I see my heart, my life and all that I believe in. These things lay within; they are a flame which burns brighter as I attend to them. All can find tranquility and gain strength at the meditative compass’ end. At the water’s edge is where the renewed journey begins.

 Art is Life Expressed - Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West  Gallery of  Fine Art