Find your confidence

​Scrolling through Facebook, all I see lately are political posts. I won’t say most, but a lot of people posting are sharing news site articles that are one-sided. I completely understand that if we have an opinion, we’ll tend to find sites that validate that opinion, so I’m not surprised this is happening. But to be quite honest, I’m so over the negativity. I’d rather see dog and cat videos or scripture verses in my Facebook news feed. 

But what I’m seeing is from years of making friends and liking certain pages. So that’s what I get during this politically active season. 

To combat that, I started an Instagram in January that focuses solely on my weight lifting progress and ability. The only people or pages I follow on the site are power lifters and weight lifting athletic wear companies. I’ll tell you what, these days, I’d much rather be on Instagram. It’s like a constant motivator when I scroll through the videos of strong women lifting a lot more weight than I can even dream of right now, but it certainly gets me in the mood to get to the gym every day. 

I post those things, too, so women who are just starting to lift weights can see what a beginner can do. Most of the power lifters I follow have been lifting for years and have the ability to deadlift upwards of 450 pounds. I just deadlifted 275 pounds on Monday, so I’ve got a ways to go. 

The motivation is awesome and having a community of positive people is encouraging, too. I’ve found so much more confidence since I got into power lifting. But that’s just me. I think when you find something you’re good at and surround yourself with wonderful people doing the same things, you’ll find that confidence, too. I hope you find something like that soon if you haven’t already. Try something new if you haven’t found it yet.
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