Finding new fare from the annual Toast of the Town

Each year, I attend the Toast of the Town event. It’s an event that is sponsored by Synovus and acts as a fund-raiser for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. The event allows you to purchase a ticket then visit more vendors than I can count and sample wine, spirits, beer and tons of food. It’s best described as all-you-can-eat-and-drink. 

Vendors from all over the region come to the RiverMill Event Centre and set up with their fare. Some restaurants bring desserts and some bring their speciality items. You walk around and sample whatever you’d like. 

Throughout the night, I had chocolate covered strawberries, macaroons, barbecue, seafood salsa, very fancy pigs in a blanket, quiche, gourmet popcorn and fancy food that I still can’t pronounce. I had the option to sample wine from the best vineyards in the Southeast. 

I tell you about the event for two reasons. First, it supports a great art in our community - the orchestra. A former high school band dork, I have a special place in my heart for music and the performing arts. I think it’s essential that we teach children to play instruments and  offer that creative outlet. 

Second, this event shows you just how many awesome places we can enjoy in our region. Too often we hear about not having much to do around here. It depends on your definition of “around here,” but in my opinion, if you can spend the day traveling, enjoying an area and coming home the same day, it’s part of “around here.”

The South has always offered what I think is the best food in the country. It’s flavorful and fun. 

And there is so much to choose from, from comfort foods to Gulf Coast seafood and farm-fresh veggies and fruits. 

If you ever need a place to branch out, I would encourage you to get online and explore some of the great restaurants and vineyards in our region. 

Find a place that suits you and go. Taste the food and enjoy the drive. 

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