Tim Fanning awarded

Nov. 9, 2017

By Ronald Frazier 

For Tim Fanning, being the keynote speaker or being named one of the 11 teachers, administrators and coaches named was not the highlight of the AISA Hall of Fame banquet Oct. 23 in Prattville.

“What was great was having my friends, family, coaches and former players all out there,” said Coach Fanning, “It was humbling to be sitting with all those folks that had dedicated their lives to serving others.”

It was 19 years ago since Fanning joined the Glenwood coaching staff. After four years he was named head baseball coach and later the Athletic Director. Along the way, his baseball teams alone have won eight state tiles to go along with many others won by the Glenwood storied program.

In addition Glenwood programs have won 30 state titles in six different sports along with the baseball championships.

Last year, The Gators honored Fanning by naming the baseball field after him. It is Bill Bowers Park and Tim Fanning Field.

AISA Athletic Director Roddy Beck spoke highly of Fanning and what he has done for Glenwood.

“The nominating committee meets every two years and he had to be nominated and then reviewed by the committee,” said Beck. “It was not only what he has done at Glenwood, but also the ‘More Than a Game” program as well.

“He and Glenwood administrator Frank Meacham make a great combination for the school,” Beck added.

Of those named, the only other person who had coached sports was Springwood’s Dale Freeman. A long-time English teacher won three state titles for girls’ tennis but is no longer in coaching.

Besides the titles and numerous players that have succeeded, Fanning has put together a strong staff and has let them run their programs such as Jason Gibson with football, Julie Humphries with girls’ basketball and tennis and Dusty Perdue with boys’ basketball and softball.

Perdue, who has won titles in both basketball and softball, praises his boss by saying, “I have known him for a long time and the honor is well deserved. He does care for his students and has done a great job.”

“Plus its fun to come to work every day,” he added.

Assistant Athletic Director Julie Humphries also praised Fanning for being “the real deal.”

Humphries has been at Glenwood for 12 years, three as the Assistant Athletic Director, the only Assistant Athletic Director in AISA class AAA.

“We have a great working relationship and he is easy to work with and is a lot of fun,” said Humphries. “You look forward to going to work.”

When Humphries was named the Assistant Athletic Director, Fanning said at the time simply, “she deserved it.”

In addition to the winning programs from soccer to football, Fanning has also authored his book, Serve to Lead. On top of that is his program, “More Than a Game.”

Fanning and his players and partners have traveled to Central and South America and Africa, rebuilding or constructing baseball fields, donating equipment, and starting baseball leagues.

“We have been to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Cameroon, with a full trailer worth of equipment, doing clinics with players and other coaches and also having education and Bible study and donated Bibles as well,” said Fanning, who gets excited about the program.

“Recently, we have done clinics locally,” he added about the program. 

But all along, Fanning had only one mantra about the award and that was, “This was not about me but about all those players, family and friends that put me in this position. It was the only reason I was there.”