He is so much more...
Nov. 9, 2017

An anonymous author made this striking comparison: “Socrates taught for 40 years, Plato for 50, Aristotle for 40, and Jesus for only 3. Yet the influence of Christ’s 3-year ministry infinitely transcends the impact left by the combined 130 years of teaching from these men who were among the greatest philosophers of all antiquity.”

 Jesus painted no pictures; yet some of the finest paintings of Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci received their inspiration from Him. Jesus wrote no poetry; but Dante, Milton, and scores of the world’s greatest poets were inspired by Him. Jesus composed no music; still Haydn, Handel, Beethoven, Bach, and Mendelssohn reached their highest perfection of melody in the hymns, symphonies, and oratorios they composed in His praise. Every sphere of human greatness has been enriched by this humble Carpenter of Nazareth.  

“His unique contribution to the race of men is the salvation of the soul! Philosophy could not accomplish that. Nor art. Nor literature. Nor music. Only Jesus Christ can break the enslaving chains of sin and Satan. He alone can speak peace to the human heart, strengthen the weak, and give life to those who are spiritually dead.” 

We know that Jesus lived. He was a man in history, as well as a man for all times. Tacitus, perhaps the greatest Roman historian born in the first century, speaks of Jesus. Josephus, a Jewish historian before A.D. 100, said, Now there was about this time Jesus a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man; for he was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him many Jews, and also many of the Greeks. This man was the Christ. And when Pilate had condemned him to the cross, those who had loved him from the first did not forsake him for he appeared to them alive on the third day, the divine prophets having spoken these and thousands of other wonderful things about him. And even now, the race of Christians, so named from him, has not died out. 

Jesus Christ lived; the Word made flesh, God incarnate, the perfect man, the spotless Lamb of God, the light of the world, the bread of life, the living water. His life was a shining light that shines still. 

Why? Because He was a healer? Because He was a miracle-worker? Because He was a righteous man? Because He was a great prophet? Yes, but no. More than that -Jesus Christ was more than a wonderful man. He was and is Deity in human flesh, the very Son of the Living God. So many testify of his godness, from Peter, who declared that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of God, to the Roman soldier who said, while viewing the crucifixion, “Surely this was the Son of God.” 

(Illustrations from Parson’s Technology)