Art Walks | Studio & Sanctuary

Amid the crunching of pebbled footsteps and the rustle of fallen leaves crisped by frost, the water forcibly rushes over stone and I take a walk. 

The sky is soft cerulean, and the trees are stripped of most foliage. I read a quote for the cameraman. John Muir’s words seem forever resonant.

A window has opened; a breeze chills the atmosphere. It rushes over me, startling my senses. I’m awakened by this new opportunity, and yet overcome by its newness. Film is a new frontier, a path I’ve traveled little, and so I’ve invited everyone to join me as we explore the paths of the art life, one walk at a time. Like most adventures, the journey belongs to those who embrace it.

Together we’ll explore the wilderness, the heart of community and the process of those who find ways to speak through artistry. See where the artists find sanctuary, and watch works unfold in studio, paired with inspired thought and commentary.

Art Walks offers our community a new and fresh form of Cultural Arts Enrichment. I, on behalf of Art Walks and the CTV BEAM production team invite you to join us, as we embark upon this journey into the Studios & Sanctuaries of area creatives.

Art Walks can be viewed on CTV BEAM, Channel 7/207. Check your CTV BEAM listings for a complete list of show times.

 Art is Life Expressed - Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West  Gallery of  Fine Art