Life’s Drama: the shaping of who we will be

Nov. 9, 2017

I surrender to journal pages, and scribble down thoughts. It’s midmorning. Earlier, I closed the gate, still wet with the misty morning dew. Clouds filtered the light, softened to hues of mother of pearl. I reached for my earbuds and poured cream into my coffee cup. ‘Tempting to restore my focus upon my work, I made thoughtful preparations for tasks of the early day. During the drive toward Smiths Station, I listened to a new favorite radio station. Autumn in New York from Autumn Jazz Radio did play.

The daily dramas of life unfold, and too often, we are caught in the fray. Somewhere between coming and going our hearts beg we delay. Postponing things that might wait, we drop projects and tend to loved ones with a need. When solutions are derived, we again board the train and tempt to follow fate. At times we crave a separation, we long to extend our reach. While in contrast, it is the very things which we fantasize about separating from that form the mold for who we will be. 

On Sunday, I poured lavender oil and organic soaps into a basin, and returned to the floor on my knees. As I scrubbed, I thought of the future and the person I’m ever aspiring to be. 

Amid this autumn cleaning spree, I considered tasks that I loathe immensely; and my thoughts continued towards future, and how the past and present continue to shape me. I contemplate ceaselessly my greatest goal, my soon to be realized dream, a purpose-filled existence giving people opportunities to facilitate and foster the shaping of their desired realities companioned by the art of truly living.

Somewhere out there, there is a woman or man who finds place and purpose in the things that I find distracting. Somewhere out there, there is something for everyone, a place and purpose and a fulfillment for every need.

Life forces us out of comfort zones. Seemingly all too often, life calls upon us to cast aside our desired tools and reach for those of current necessity. It is, however, amid the trials that we gain greater perspective for the chosen path that we passionately pursue. 

The distractions and the dramas, and the utilitarian roles are often the delays that we need. They are the winter slumbers that stimulate resurgence, unprecedented growth and the ability to believe in beauty found in all things.

Sarah West