Borne to Rise

The moon suspended high above,
reflects upon the laced halo.
Rain will come.
Where is Neptune?

Stars burn and fall.
They streak the sky
giving the traveler hope.
Make a wish, conceal it,
until someday, it comes true. 

The tides recede and rise,
the climate warms and cools.
There is death,
but there is always life.

A restless heart wanting more
measures and weighs every move.                                                                                                                                       Players chance great loss.

Some win big,
while losers concede or press on. 

The seed planted
will surely grow.
Give it water, air and light.
Nature’s resilience will prevail,
even through asphalt or cracked stone.

Life is borne upon the tide

 Art is Life Expressed - Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West  Gallery of  Fine Art