Pastor Q&A: David Wilson, theway church

Q: What church do you pastor and what is your role (lead pastor, worship pastor, etc.)?
A: theway church ( all lowercase and theway is one word) Senior pastor

Q: How long have you been with your church? 
A: 5 1/2 years

Q: Church info (service times, address, phone, website, etc.)
A: Sunday Morning Service 11:00am Eastern
Sunday School 9:45am Eastern
Wednesday Night Service 7:00pm Eastern
Wednesday Night thelife student ministry 7:00pm Eastern

Q: How did you get into ministry? 
A: I was called by Jesus Christ into the ministry and at first I ran. Fear, feelings of unworthiness and fear of failure drove my actions; consequently, I lived with very little peace in my life and was constantly in search of something. I finally surrendered my life into the hands of Jesus to include my career in education and began full-time ministry as pastor of theway church. Through this surrender I found peace and joy. 

Q: What is your life verse from the Bible and why?
A: The mission statement of theway church is to impact the community by teaching and training individuals that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Our mission statement comes from John 14:6 and is the driving Word in what I do as pastor.      John 14:6  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Q: Where should new believers begin when reading the Bible and why? 
A: You know i don’t believe there is a set place; however, i do believe that new believers and all believers must study the Bible daily. I believe it to be the most critical part of their walk with Jesus Christ. I generally encourage new believers to begin with the gospel of John.

Q: What is unique about your church? 
A: We are a melting pot. Many denominations of christians worshipping Jesus Christ together in Spirit and in truth.

Q: What is your favorite passage or book to preach and why?
A: I in no way mean this sarcastic but in complete truth, my favorite passage of scripture is the one Jesus lays on my heart heart to preach each week. So it is an ever changing verse, but it keeps my heart pounding for the Lord and my eyes focused on Him and the power of His Word. 

Q: What is your favorite song to lead worship and why?
A: I certainly do not lead worship in song; however, my favorite song our praise team leads is I Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Staying On Jesus.

Q: What is your greatest challenge in your pastoral role?
A: Patience, patience and again I say patience. Salvation is a journey and walking with Jesus Christ is a lifelong walk that along the way Jesus Christ molds and shapes us into the vessel He uses to do His work. Sometimes I want things to happen faster than Jesus knows they must take so He works with me and slows me down. Sometimes I want those whom I disciple to get it quicker, but the lord’s timing is perfect and His ways are best. I must trust Hime and obey His timing!

Q: What is your greatest joy in your pastoral role?
A: Changed lives. When Jesus takes over a life it is beautiful to watch people grow into warriors for the Kingdom. I have be given the beautiful position as shepherd and helping individuals walk with Jesus.

Q: What encourages you?
A: The strength in the body of Christ. My fleshly tendency is to be a loner and walk alone, but the Lord has placed inside His children a Spirit that unites His children watching the body of Christ unite and love each other is a beautiful thing to not only see but to be a part of.

Q: Do you have a book or devotional recommendation?
A: not a fan it is by Kyle Idleman and it is a powerful book about being a follower of Jesus and not a fan of Jesus. many people find that they were just a fan of Jesus Christ and not a true follower of Jesus.

Q: What advice would you give to newly married or married adults? 
A: Jesus Christ must be the centerpiece of your marriage and He has designed what the marriage is to look like in Ephesians chapter 5. If you surrender to the Lord and live under His guidelines for marriage, your marriage will be blessed and you will stay together. If you choose to do it your way, well the world has shown us all to clearly what that will render.

Q: What advice would you give to teenagers today?
A: Jesus first period end of story. So many things compete for you in this world and the only way you will be able to stand strong against the wiles of the devil is to purposefully put Jesus Christ first in every aspect of your life. 

Q: What advice would you give 20-somethings today?
A: Jesus first period end of story. So many things compete for you in this world and the only way you will be able to stand strong against the wiles of the devil is to purposefully put Jesus Christ first in every aspect of your life. 

Q: What do you wish your congregation knew about you or the church?
A: Anguish. I have anguish in my heart for them and I pray with all my heart for them to fall deeply in love with the Word of God. I am serious about the Word of God and I believe that in it is our true relationship with Jesus Christ. A refusal to dive deep into the Word of God and study all He has for you is a refusal of Jesus Christ Himself. You need the Word of God and it must be a driving force in your life. 

Q: What would you consider to be your spiritual gift and how do you use it?
A: Discernment and teaching. Discernment in that I am able to look at a situation and the Holy Spirit guides me in deciphering what is of Jesus Christ and what is not. Teaching in that I love to teach the Bible! I love to breakdown the scriptures and deliver it to anyone who will listen. Praise Jesus for the passion He has given me for His Word.