Mark Clark

Clark is a local sports writer for The

Citizen of East Alabama.

2017 Season filled with Easter Eggs
Nov. 30, 2017

Have you ever watched WKRP in Cincinnati? How about Seinfeld? The Walking Dead?

If you have, you have seen Easter Eggs. You might not have known you had seen them, but I am sure you did. All you have to do is be told what they were and it becomes obvious.

What were the Easter Eggs in the three programs mentioned? Well, on WKRP in Cincinnati it is a simple band-aid. It appeared every time the show aired someplace on the newsman named Les Nessman. The actor, who played the Les Nessman character, Richard Sanders, explained he had to wear a band-aid because of a minor cut during early production of the show. It seemed so typical of the klutzy character that he decided to wear one each episode. It became his trademark. He wore the bandages on his head, arm, neck, hand . . . he just moved it around each week.

On Seinfeld, there were regular references to Superman though not always obvious and not on every show until after Episode 51. In Episode 51, a Superman magnet appears on Jerry Seinfeld’s refrigerator and continues to be there until the final episode of the sitcom. Seinfeld wore red, blue and yellow clothes at times as a subtle hint. At other times, you will see something as obvious as a statue of Seinfeld’s favorite super hero. There were even talks among the characters about the caped crusader. Once George made fun of Jerry for getting rid of a stock too early and losing money when George held on to the stock and made a great deal of money. George told Jerry, “Too bad you can’t get your buddy Superman to fly around the Earth at super speed and reverse time, get all the money back . . .” Elaine interrupts the conversation and says, “Superman can go back in time?” Jerry replies, “We went over that.” Jerry and George also argued over whether Superman had a super sense of humor. Jerry said it was obvious that he did, but George said he didn’t. “You are either born with it or not,” George says and then explains Superman would not gain this trait by flying from the Red Sun of Krypton to the Yellow Sun of Earth.

On a recent episode of The Walking Dead, when Rick is on top of the garbage mound with Jadis – the leader of the Scavengers – and about to be pushed down to the bottom of the mound to fight a Walking Dead creature covered with metal spikes, there is an airplane flying in the background. At other times, you can see cars riding along the highways near Senoia, Ga., as well – new cars without damage and unrelated to the show.  In one episode, Glenn drives a Dodge Challenger. The car is from the AMC mega-hit Breaking Bad. And speaking of Breaking Bad, Walt’s blue meth shows up in a bag of medicine belonging to Darryl. 

Easter Eggs are good things for the most part.

Over the course of the 2017 high school football season for the Central High Red Devils, there were several Easter Eggs that could be seen, if you were paying attention.

First, Central set a record for consecutive Region titles when it captured its fourth in a row in 2017. Prior to this season, the most consecutive Region titles the Red Devils had earned was two – 1988 - 1989 and then 1994 – 1995. Overall, Central has won its region 13 times. The first one came in 1984.

This past season also marked the first undefeated regular season for the Red Devils since 1995. The 2017 Red Devils were 9-0. In 1995, the team was also 9-0. Overall, Central has had five undefeated regular season – 1944, 1984, 1988, 1995 and 2017. Only one team ended the season undefeated and that was 1944 when the Red Devils were 9-0.

In 2011, the Red Devils set a scoring record for a season with 551 points. This season, the team broke its record by scoring 565 points. The 2011 team reached its total in 14 games. The 2017 team did it in 12 games.

Central set a defensive record this year by holding Fairfield High to minus-68 rushing yards and then another record by holding Fairfield to a total of 4 yards for the game. The Red Devils won the game 62-0, giving Central its first shutout of an opponent since beating Fairfield 36-0 in 2016. The last time Central shut out a region opponent was Oct. 4, 2013 when it beat Jeff Davis 41-0.

On the offensive side of the line, Central’s quarterbacks and a receiver set a record for most passing yards in a regular season with 1,916 yards and a record for passing touchdowns with 21. Those numbers increase to 2,317 yards with 28 touchdowns when you add in the playoffs. Quarterback Peter Parrish set a school record for passing with 1,450 yards with 17 touchdowns.

Overall, Central set a new school record for total offense with 5,533 yards with 76 touchdowns, a school record for running the football with 3,216 yards with 48 touchdowns using 20 runners. A’montae Spivey led the way with 932 rushing yards with 14 touchdowns in nine games.

Finally, well excluding the fact that the Red Devils have made a school record of three consecutive trips to the semifinals in Class 7A, the Red Devils have set themselves with the opportunity to set a record for wins in a decade before the 2019 season is upon us. At present, from 2010 to 2017, the Red Devils are 73-22. The current record is for the 1980s when the Red Devils went 83-29. With two whole seasons left before the 2020 season begins a new decade, the Red Devils need just 11 wins to break the record. It could come as early as next year and then 2019 would be just butter on the bread. Or just call it another Easter Egg for the future.