Editorial: The face of Phenix City is changing around us 

• City welcomes Dirt Cheap, Dairy Queen, Lowe’s, Marvin’s Market, and yes, Chicken Comers BBQ

If you were in the mood to see Phenix City change, you’ve certainly gotten your wish, whether you realize it or not. Over the last five years or so, Phenix City has added whitewater rafting, a hotel and a university on the river and also a few new businesses. 

The most recent businesses to move to Phenix City or at least plan to break ground are Dairy Queen, Marvin’s Market, Chicken Comers BBQ and Lowe’s. Dirt Cheap will celebrate its grand opening on Feb. 22. Chicken Comers BBQ announced via Facebook on Feb. 12 that they will open a Phenix City location at 1027 14th St. Marvin’s Market moved from Columbus to 318 General Colin Powell Parkway in Phenix City. Lowe’s announced its intention to move in across the street from Walmart, and Dairy Queen is scheduled to open its new construction in roughly three months. And let’s not forget the Highway 431 development that the city has planned. The city tells us there are interested parties wanting to build, but no company names have been released yet. 

Things are changing and it can be pretty exciting when you start adding it all up. We haven’t even talked about the entertainment that is coming to the Phenix City Amphitheater. Country music singer Chris Jansen will kick off an upcoming series in March. 

We don’t list these things to toot the horn of our city, but to remind you what’s coming because we still so frequently hear that there is nothing in Phenix City. There are things happening, but it takes time, and people who are willing to take a chance on the area. One thing is for certain, if the community doesn’t support the new businesses or entertainment that is coming, we won’t get any more of it. I hope you’re as excited as we are that things are changing and new businesses are on the horizon. 

By Denise DuBois, Executive Editor