Editorial: Historic Coulter Building now Troy University’s property 

By Blenda Copeland

The Russell County Commission voted April 10 to donate the historic, county-owned Coulter Building to Troy University.

Earlier, the university presented different ideas of what the building, when restored, could offer: anything from possibly a gallery for local artists, a classroom/studio, offices and/or a county museum to perhaps even space for a coffee shop -- all of which are ideas, not necessarily committed plans. Albert Patterson’s offices upstairs could be preserved. 

It’s always exciting when a previously used space is saved from inactivity and re-developed into a modern treasure. Turning the building into something usable for today’s age will involve some pre-preparation; we’ve heard during commission meetings that it will have to be abated of materials like asbestos. That’s one of the first steps. Then, the construction process can begin.

However the university recycles the space, it should be a positive impact for the county. We hope to get updates from time to time of what’s going on with the building and what the university has decided to ultimately do with it. We’ll wonder until then if the plans will seek public preferences or if the university will surprise the community with its final decisions.

Time will tell what the edifice will become, but for now we’ll have to be content dreaming of its eventual debut. 

Happy restoration, Troy!

By Blenda Copeland, Staff Writer