13th St. Traffic Lights: Signals being replaced as part of a $2.3M project, includes cameras

By Blenda Copeland

If you’re wondering what’s going on with the traffic signals along 13th Street in Phenix City, they’re being upgraded as part of a re-surfacing and traffic signal project.

Work is expected to be complete within the next two months, City Engineer Angel Moore said on April 20.

The complete project cost is $2.3 million and will upgrade traffic signals at seven intersections on 13th Street. 

Regarding citizens’ concerns about the cameras they’re seeing on the traffic signal poles, Moore pointed out those are not “red light cameras” -- like the one at the 13th and Broad Street intersection that takes your picture if you illegally run a red light, for which you may receive a citation in the mail. 

These cameras aid in triggering the traffic signals to start another cycle, similar to the way underground loop detection works. The positive side of such cameras is that it means less maintenance. When a loop breaks, fixing the problem means breaking up the road. Not so with the traffic signal cameras, which have become more reliable. 

Moore’s tip in telling the difference between the red light cameras that take your picture and the traffic signal cameras that aid in triggering another cycle is to look for the big clunky box on the side of the road: that’s the camera that flashes when you’ve run the red light.