‘Buy Me a Boat’ singer Chris Janson will be in Phenix City March 10

By Denise DuBois 

Country music singer Chris Janson will be performing at the Phenix City Amphitheater on March 10, kicking off the music series for the spring and summer. 

Janson, singer of “Buy Me a Boat” and “Holdin’ Her,” is a family oriented man, said Rebecca Harris of Phenix City Parks and Recreation. “Holdin’ Her” is the story of him and his wife meeting and having children,” she said. 

Harris said she is excited to have Janson performing. 

“Everybody who works with him has been friendly and I’m happy we’re going to have them here,” she said. “We have always wanted to provide quality entertainment for families, and we try to do shows at affordable prices. There are so many good up and coming acts. I’m partial to songwriters. Chris is a very gifted songwriter [...] We track what’s going on and consult radio stations and where musicians are on the playlist as to how popular they are, and try to get family friendly acts, too.”

The Janson show’s tickets will cost $30 and can be purchased on xorbia.com.  Krissy and Tommy Andrews, a local band, will open for the country music singer. 

Harris said there are a few things that the city will do differently with the upcoming concerts, improving on some things that work better. She said there will be food trucks in the parking lot and there will be two concession stands serving beer and wine. Another beer cart will be to the side of the stage. The show will start at 8 p.m. ET.